Omoiro Tomato


Lycoper Farm

Lycoper Farm is located in Hokuto city, Yamanashi prefecture, which is on the south side of Mt. Fuji,
on the north side of Mt. Yatsugatake, and on the west side of the Japanese Southern Alps.
Our farm is situated at an altitude of 700 meters and is surrounded by beautiful scenery.
We named our brand tomato
“Omoiro tomato”. “Omoiro tomato” is cultivated with
the longest hours of sunshine in Japan at an average of 15℃ difference in temperature between
daytime and nighttime.
In addition, natural water flowing from the Japanese Southern Alps and
soil that contains a lot of beneficial microorganisms are used. These factors are very important for
cultivating high quality tomatoes. Our tomatoes are nurtured under ideal conditions.

The soil is alive.

The “Omoiro tomato” is cultivated in soil that contains various essential
microorganisms providing valuable nutrients. Amino acid is formed by
microorganisms that give the tomatoes it tastiness and sweetness.

Recently, tomato cultivation techniques have been making spectacular improvements.
More and more cultivators are growing tomatoes by fertigation
– a method of fertilizer application in which fertilizer is incorporated within
the irrigation water through a drip system. However,
we have gone even further
by using a special soil.
This method, which requires a lot of effort and work,
gives the tomatoes tastiness and richness.
We are proud to offer
our product “Omoiro tomato” to our customers.

The balance between
and sourness of
“Omoiro tomato”.

The fleshy part of the fruit has not only a sweet taste but
also tastiness which is a product of its richness due to
an amino acid.
The juice of the fruit has a delectable
sour taste.

The “Omoiro tomato” has a Brix value of 12. It is similar to
the value of
a strawberry. Of course, a sour taste, richness,
and tastiness are contained as well as being balanced.
Our “Omoiro tomato” is a premium tomato.

The method cultivation

The “Omoiro tomato” is cultivated using a special method, organic fertigation,
which is an organic liquid and
special soil in a planter.

The planter is separated from the ground and contains a lot of beneficial microorganisms and
organic nutrients.
An irrigation duct is placed on the soil of
the planter
in order to provide water and nutrients.

By separating the planter from the ground we are able to control the moisture in
the soil of the planter and subject the roots to dry stress.
“Omoiro tomato” becomes much sweeter than other tomatoes because sugar accumulates
the fruit because of stress.
This cultivation method is able to effectively manage
the composition of the compost.
This results in a better taste, quality and so on, without influence from the soil of the ground.

Quality control of
the tomato

We do our best to produce a high quality tomato
for our customers.
For example, we regularly measure
Brix degrees (the sugar content of
an aqueous solution)
with a highly efficient Brix measurement device.
We also check the balance of taste, such as sweetness and sourness,
richness, and tastiness by tasting it.

control system
the green house.

There are several sensors collecting such things as temperature, humidity,
and CO2 concentration
which are set up inside and outside of
our greenhouses in order to maintain the ideal environment
for the greenhouses.
We ensure a supply of CO2 gas for the purpose of maximizing the speed of
photosynthesis while maintaining the best temperature and
moisture to keep stomata open.

Growth record

The conditions of the tomatoes are always changing due to water,
nutrient content, and the environment in
the greenhouses. Therefore,
we record
the condition regularly, such as the height of
the tomato plants,
the number of flowers and leaves,
leaf length, flower color,
intensity of
green in the leaf, and stem diameter. Then we decide on a cultivation plan.

Our products

"Omoiro tomato"

We named our product "Omoiro tomato".
The reason is
that the Japanese traditional color "Omoiro",
which originated from "Urushi (Japanese lacquer) color", is
similar to the red color in tomatoes.
In addition, "Omoiro"
has a similar sound with "Omoi" that
means the passion
for providing great things.

"Omoiro tomato" has sweetness, tastiness, and sourness.
The fleshy part of the fruit has a sweet taste and tastiness which is
generated by the richness coming from amino acid.
The juice of the fruit has a delectable sour taste.

"Omoiro tomato" increases in the maximum Brix value of about 12.
It has almost the same value as the strawberry. Of course there is
a balance of sourness, richness, and tastiness.
So "Omoiro tomato" is a premium tomato.

Tomato juices:
"Omoiro" and "Sogairo"

Our tomato juices are made from "Omoiro tomato" or
"Sogairo tomato" and without additives such as water,
salt and sugar. Consequently, the juices are much thicker
The juices have received a good
reputation from our customers.